Terrah Tillman LMFT #44862

Welcome! I have devoted the past 20 years to studying early childhood mental health and parent/child relationships. I am passionate about the importance of early primary relationships between parents and children and the profound impact they have on children's later success.

My approach with families is strength-based and family-centered. I believe each family has its own strengths and assets that can be utilized to assist in healing and succeeding. My services are individually catered to each of my client's needs. Depending on the situation, I offer individual therapy, dyadic therapy with

parent and child, and family therapy.  Some of the treatment modalities I utilize include: Play therapy, Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT), Attachment Therapy and more!

I graduated with honors from UC Davis with a degree in Child Development and a minor in Psychology.

I graduated with honors from the University of San Francisco with a master's degree in Counseling Psychology with emphasis on Marriage Family Therapy (MFT). After working with clients for over 3,000 hours, I passed the licensing exams and became a Licensed MFT.

As a clinician, I worked for an intensive in-home early intervention program. I helped families with children who had severe behavioral issues. I also worked in a residential program for abused and neglected children.

Currently, I provide clinical supervision and manage a team of therapy interns that provide therapy to children, families, individuals and couples.

Being a foster parent myself, I have parented children who have been abandoned, traumatized, abused, and neglected and have severe behavioral and emotional issues. I feel that having this first hand experience gives me more insight and empathy for parents living with these issues.

I look forward to meeting you and working together to make positive changes in your child's life and yours. 

(916) 743-9518   [email protected]

Joie Halladay LMFT #93474

Hello! I have spent the past seven years supporting children and families in developing healthy and positive relationships with one another. I find that often families thrive once given the skills 

they are undoubtedly searching for.

I attended California State University for my Bachelors of Science in Speech Pathology and later my Master of Science degree in Marriage, Family and Child Counseling. Once I completed the required 3,000 clinical hours, I obtained my professional license in June of 2016.

Prior to obtaining my Master of Science I worked at a group home for teenagers who had been discharged from the juvenile hall. Many people would say that these teens were a lost cause however, working with them inspired me to find creative ways to engage them and to think outside the box. It also taught me the importance of family involvement in treatment and the role of parents.

For the past five years I have worked as a clinician at KidsFirst, a non-profit family resource center. KidsFirst has provided me with a wide array of experience, including working with young children, tweens, teens, individual adults, and couples, as well as teaching social skills groups to troubled children and teens and parenting classes

and much more!

I work individually with children of all ages as well as with their families in order to ensure that the whole family is able to obtain the skills necessary to grow and succeed. I believe that by working collaboratively with parents and caregivers, children are better able to thrive!

I utilize an array of interventions from several modalities in order to create a treatment plan 

that best suits the child and family. My goal is to find each client's strength and use those in order to encourage positive change.

Some of the therapy modalities I use include: Trauma Focused Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (TF-CBT), Parent/Child Interaction Therapy (PCIT), Eye Movement and Desensitization and Reprocessing (EMDR), and Interpersonal Therapy. I also teach positive parenting classes such as The Incredible Years Curriculum and Cooperative Parenting Classes for divorced or separated parents working towards a healthy co-parenting relationship.

I look forward to collaborating with you and your family!

Feel free to contact me:

(916) 827-0243 or [email protected]

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Stacy Westover LMFT #113312

Hello! My love for working with children began back when I was a teen. I have spent a majority of my

life working with and caring for children in some capacity. I grew up babysitting, working in

preschools and was a nanny throughout my bachelors program. I received a Bachelor of Arts in

Psychology at San Diego State University and a Master of Science in Counseling (specializing in

Marriage, Child and Family Therapy) from California State University, Sacramento.

I started my work in the mental health field 18 years ago in a residential home for teenage girls after

obtaining my bachelors degree. After a couple years in residential care I moved to an intensive in-

home early intervention program where I helped families with children who had severe behavioral

issues. This is where I met Terrah and where we began our professional relationship and I was

inspired to return to school to get my Masters Degree and become a therapist myself. While in my

Master’s program I worked at a shelter for abused and neglected children. Once I obtained my

masters, I worked for seven years as a clinician at a non-profit agency while collecting hours for

licensure which I earned in May 2019. Currently, I run a Wellness Center for high school students

through a local school district.

My background has included issues in counseling such as: depression, anxiety, trauma, stress, child

development, parenting issues, autism, grief and loss, ADHD/impulsivity, adjustment, aggression,

divorce, adoption, bullying, social skills, and relationship problems.  I am a trained Incredible Years

Parent Group Leader, Incredible Years Children’s Group Leader, and have lead mandatory parenting

groups required for parents with CPS involvement, I am also Parent Child Interaction Therapy (PCIT)

certified and Trauma Focused CBT certified.

I take pride in my work with children and families.  I have consistently provided my client’s with the

highest possible quality of care and treatment.  I am dedicated to fostering a safe environment and

working with each individual to develop a customized plan to improve their quality of life.

Feel free to contact me!

(916)258-5814   [email protected]

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Tiffany Wilson APCC #6040

Associate Professional Clinical Counselor 

Supervised by Terrah Tillman LMFT#44862

Hi there! My name is Tiffany and I believe that everyone is deserving of mental wellness, regardless of age or any of the various identities they might hold. I have spent the last fifteen years dedicated to protecting, learning from, growing with and working alongside some of life’s greatest teachers – children! Though my role in children’s lives has varied from Investigator (Child Protective Services) to Teacher (Deaf Education) and now therapist… one thing has remained constant. There is no greater joy in life than being in a compassionate role with a child. Supporting, affirming and helping children and families overcome obstacles is my passion.

I have combined my years of traditional schooling in clinical and counseling psychology with my experience of mindfulness practices in order to utilize a whole child perspective. I attended University of Massachusetts for my Bachelor’s of Science in Psychology and then attended Capella University for my Master of Science in Clinical Psychology & Clinical Counseling. I have my yoga teaching certificate (RYT-200) and have been trained in both trauma-informed practices and social-emotional learning. I have extensive experience as an Autism specialist, working within the Deaf community as well as with gender expansive youth. I have found that using a multi-modality approach works best and you will often see me utilizing some of the following treatment modalities: Play Therapy, Cognitive Behavior Therapy, somatic movement, art therapy, and more! I often use a strength-based approach with children and families as we work together towards creating safe, supportive and affirming environment where growth and change can take place. Nurturing these crucial relationships and learning skills to cope are not only a necessity to early childhood learning but also a vital building block to future wellness.

Thank you for taking a moment to read a little about me. Feel free to ask any questions you’d like. I look forward to supporting you, your child and your ongoing journey. 

(916)583-8282   [email protected]

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Samantha McGill LMFT # 126315

As parents, the relationship we have with our children is so important. It can be so hard to see your child struggle. I am truly passionate about supporting children, teens and families in challenging times. I provide a safe place for children and teens to process their thoughts and feelings. I support parents in understanding the challenges that their children are facing and offering strategies to improve parent /child relationships.

I received my Bachelor of Arts in Psychology from California State University Stanislaus in 2005. I then received my Masters in Psychology with and emphasis in Marriage and Family Therapy from Chapman University in 2009. Over the last 11 years I have worked in several Community Mental health programs in Sacramento and Placer Counties for children and teens. I have worked in Outpatient programs, intensive in-home programs and provided coaching and support for parents.

When working with children and adolescence I utilize several different modalities to find what works best for each individual. Some modalities I use are Play Therapy, Cognitive Behavior Therapy and Trauma Focused CBT.

I look forward to working with you and your child. 

916.857.3542     [email protected]

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Cindy Granados

New Client Coordinator

My name is Cindy Granados. I am typically your first point of contact when scheduling an appointment. A little about me is I am a retired teacher with 32 years of experience working with kids in kindergarten through sixth grade. Although I enjoyed every year of my career, the relationships I made during those years and the challenges I experienced, I do enjoy the freedom of my retired lifestyle.

I have been married since 1984 and we are blessed with one daughter and son-in-law. I love spending time with my family and our two dogs, Dakota and Chillidog. I enjoy traveling, reading, working out and walking. The beach is my happy place!

Looking forward to being in touch! 

To get started: Call/text (916)743-9518

email [email protected]

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